Benefits of the iBoiler Program

Our iBoiler Program was designed with you in mind! By looking at the key pain points in the old school water heaters, we’ve combined our chemicals, equipment, and customer service into one package.

No Capital Costs

We take the burden of the upfront capital costs and instead charge a monthly fee. The monthly fee includes the cost of our high-quality chemicals and services, as well as leasing the equipment.

Reduces your Carbon Footprint

The industry standard boiler system uses a lot of energy and natural gas to run. The equipment we use is energy efficient and will reduce your energy and natural gas expenses.

Ease of Mind

There are no worries when it comes to your iBoiler system; we’ll take care of it all!

This program helps save the earth while also saving you money and your future headaches. Now’s the time to upgrade your outdated water heater with Apollo Water Services!

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